It's a bullet-proof "Eaton" H-072 axle with the spring perches and shock mounts professionally welded to be in the right spot for a Bronco (or any other '78-'96 Ford). The axle has 4.10 gears with all new bearings and a factory Detroit Locker. It's pretty much ready to go aside from the brakes. I have disc brake brackets for it (and a set of surface rusted but new Chevy discs) but I have never gotten around to drilling the wheel hub for the different stud and getting the calipers and hoses (3/4 Chevy front or Eldorado) figured out. Since I need a VSS and don't want to relocate it, this axle is just taking up space. If you need the ultimate in strength (this is the heavy-duty H-072 that has the load bolt for the ring gear), this axle would be for you.
These things are rare, and this one is in excellent shape, so my price is firm.

Oh yeah, I will not deliver. I have an engine hoist for loading though.