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What About These?

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Thinking if putting this distributor boot on my distributor from Ford like the Mustang units.
Will it cause any damage?
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Nope, a lot of us run them for water protection, just grab one from your local pic a part, I think I paid $5 last time.
I live waaaaaaay out in Hico, TX
Not likely to find a local pic - a - part.
But I appreciate the response.:beer

Now - if i could just get some info on this:
(I crack myself up)
i don't recommend running floor mats, or even carpet for that matter, my carpet was jamming on my gas pedal at one point, since then i have decided to remove it, if you do, you should cover the floor in bed liner, and be prepared for lots of road noise
I just dont see myself tearing up this interior:
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I just dont see myself tearing up this interior:
No, don't------if you do I'll personally drive over there and throw cans of cold Mexican beer at you...........
yo MC
They fit well; I still can't fig out why Ford and da aftermarket catagorized (es) for just 'stangs now and Lincolns instead of almost all Fords w/V 8 engines?

Sources: (amongst a few)
$24.99 (each)

1979-95 Mustang 5.0 Logo Distributor Boot

Lincoln Info & pics in an 89

Distrinuter boot off of a lincoln town car. got it for free!!! It helps alot when splashing throough puddles and mud holes. by Jason M

80's 'stang Info & pic in a 92 5.8

by jermil

Dust boot off of an 80's GT Mustang. Should help keep some water out of the distributor during water crossings.
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yo again Chief,
I may have a source for the grommets.
Do they protrude Upward from the carpet or from under same?
Or are they pressed in from above the mat into the carpet/floor pan?
I bought one (distributor boot) on e-bay for 13.00 new fee shipping - probably made him made on that one :)

There is a stud type thingy in the floor carpet that protrudes through the floor mat:
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Will this work?

Ford Carpet Retainer N808370-S
Bottom Head Diameter: 1" - Stem Diameter: 1/4" - Stem Length: 25/32"
Ford Taurus & Sable
1996 - On

Northland Fasteners

or check local auto body shops... they have these retainers.. or can order one for you if different.
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then, I guess it's da right thAng MC? (no need to reply) GL!
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