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what belt for 90's 5.0 without air pump?

Ive got a 92 mustang 5.0 in my that has a hack job alt. bracket with tensioner to accomodate the older alternater and no ac. Basically my belt routing is all screwey an i dont have enough belt on the crank....i wanna bring back as much of the stock belt routing as i can an put a newer style alt thats supposed to be with that style bracket an now have a dummy AC commpressor that i had lying around an a extra alt bracket with a tensioner.......

after i wire in the newer style ALT. an put in the AC compressor my question is, before i start playing with string an play the mix an match game does anyone run with out an air pump on a 88 up 5.0? And if so does anyone know the part numbers on what belt i can use?

i searched an didnt find anything.....i know i aint the only one without an air pump so someones got to know and yes im too poor at the moment to afford an AC eliminator pulley so i gotta make due with whats free :drinkbud
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