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What else could it be 94 bronco

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Just replaced 302 with a new 302.

runs rough when accelerating, idles fine though, loss of power, Exhaust manifold gets red hot.

What I've tried to fix it:
Adjusted timing even took it to a shop to ensure it was right, removed cats, sprayed carb cleaner around intake while running to make sure the intake was not leaking, new plugs, wires, distributor.
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Red hot manifolds usually means lean fuel mixture and/or retarded ignition timing. I assume this engine is EFI? You may have misfire(s). You say it idles fine but is sluggish when accelerating. I would double check your timing, plug wires ran correctly according to firing order, each spark plug is firing, each injector is good, and fuel pressure is good.

If your fuel mix is lean, you could have non firing injector(s), bad O2 sensor, or maybe a bad fuel pressure regulator.

Check this - let it idle with the hood up and watch the engine. Is it shaking at all? If you manually give it slight throttle, does it stumble and shake? If so, you have a misfire and are not running on all 8 cylinders most likely.

Assuming your plug wires are routed correctly, your distributor was stabbed correctly, and you have fire to all the plugs, check timing. Pull the spout connector and set to 10° BTDC.
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