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What is this and why does it blow hot air

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So next to my battery and starter solenoid, there is a box on top of the classic ford coffee can blowing out hot air, with a smell of unburned hydro carbons. Wondering if This needs to be capped of or removed entirely if I am not using it. I live in SC. No inspections of vehicles.
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Its the muffler for the smog system, and ive never seen it have a tube on the outboard end. On 100s of these trucks.

The plastic "coffee can" is the air inlet filter. The metal coffee can is a vacuum reservoir. The black box below the battery is the charcoal canister and it traps fuel vapors from the tank, and releases them into the intake when under load.
My 95 has it maybe it’s a 94-96 thing
Been working on these OBS Fords since they were new… they never had a hose on them from the factory.
I’m talking about the plastic tube that goes towards the radiator
1 - 2 of 13 Posts