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What prizes have you won?

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At EBC we like to give away free gifts, promotional items and run competitions with various prizes, including our recent Fiesta ST giveaway and our upcoming muscle car sweepstake (The EBC Brakes Muscle Car Sweepstakes (

This got us wondering, what prizes have people won, good or bad? Some of our team at EBC HQ have won clothing, free food and drink and even a holiday!

We want you to join in, and comment below with what prize you won, what you had to do to win it, and show us any photos that were involved.

We will send out a couple of free EBC Brakes gifts to one randomly selected participant along the way.
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Lol... Ok... What have I won... Well I generally don't go in for contests, but when I would go to rabbit shows I'd put in for the local Chinese auction because it helped support the clubs and the hobby... Well out of 10 years of Chinese auctions I won ONE thing at a show my rabbit club hosted...
Sculpture Wood Creative arts Art Statue

So... Yeah 馃檮 The irony is it's pretty symbolic of my winning streak with pretty much every contest I've ever entered 馃槒
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Thanks for sharing, sounds like you鈥檝e been quite lucky with prizes. 馃憤馃徎
Unlike some of us 馃檮 black cat in a past life I guess 馃槖
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