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We've dedicated this section strictly to pictures of offroading and offroading events.

The members brought up the fact that they had to search through a lot of threads and other discussions in the chit chat sections to actually find any wheeling pictures.

After discussing it amongst ourselves this section was born.

Not many rules.

1. Any illegal activity, blatant disrespect for the law, or pictures of said illegal activity will be immediately removed and deleted. Tread Lightly applies here.

2. No Flaming. This is not the place to attack a person for not being "hardcore" enough. Off roading is something that is learned on a curve, you start small and move forward. Do not flame people about TJ's, XJ's or any other jeep, or their vehicle, your post will be deleted.

3. Offroad Pictures only, does not include:
~ a single poser shot in your backyard
~ you pulling your rig onto a snow pile/light base at the mall
~ you driving on your front lawn
~ you turfing someone's lawn

4. Be respectful.

As a mod i am going to try to utilize this section as much as possible, any post from the General Chit Chat section will be moved here. If you choose to post in your Chapter sections instead, i will not move it from there. That is usually posted "for" the other people who were wheeling with you in your chapter.

Beginning today, any chit chat type threads in this forum will be moved to chit chat.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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