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whats this under my carpet? (1990)

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I tried searching for this but couldnt find anything. Im prepearing to have my interior herculined...Underneath the carpet and stuck on the floorboards there are sections of rubbery tar-like sheets that are painted. Theres sections of it on the drivers and passengers side floors and a long section under both seats and the center console. What is this stuff? Can I scrape it up? thanks in advance!

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its sound deffining pannels. They keep the road noise down. You can remove that stuff but its a bitch to remove. Which if you dont mind me hijacking this post a little and ask.

Can you apply beadliner over this stuff?

so bascially, if you take it off then everything will get really loud on the highway.
your stuff

it should be just a noise deadner maybe at the most a flame retardent but yeah you can take it out ...might make your ride sound like a bucket ..but o well....Joe2feathers :twak
thanks guys. i figured thats what it was. The paint thats applied to the stuff is cracking and peeling so i'm prolly just gonna scrape it off. Canyou apply bedliner over it?

Stop, don't try to apply your herculiner or rhino liner or whatever you're going to line your rig with over the sound deadening material..Spend the time to get it out and the liner will go on much more smoothly, and stay on. I'm finishing mine up tomorrow and I left that part for last b/c it looked like it was going to be a serious PITA. Here's what mine looked like underneath once I got it all off.

Here's one pic with it removed.

The tan adhesive seen here is the material Ford used to hold the sound deadening to the floor. Fortunately it was not spread around thoroughly so I was able to get the stuff up pretty easily with a chisel and a hammer. Just keep tapping underneath it and it should come up in big sheets. I'm going to take a grinder to what's left to smooth it out and then hit it with the herculiner. Good luck.

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jermil your floor is so beautiful, no rust at all. :) not used to that up hear in michigan :shrug

definately rip out the sound deadener material then apply your coating then if you want a quit ride buy the sound acoustics or whaterver material you can buy like from crutchfield...
So what is the benifit of taking up the carpet and putting the herculiner on the floor instead?

You can go ahead and wash the floor out and if you get water in the cab you wont ruin you carpet
it does a great job at preventing rust better than the stock paint, moisture is onstantly being stuk or sitting under the carpet. :shrug
That is the same as Dynamat. A sound dampening liner that can be bought in stereo shops. I installed it all over my truck and it greatly reduced the noise. My truck is so quiet. Even with somewhat loud tires. It makes a HUGE difference.
its not really the same as dynamat. its not really a pad even. just 1/4" layer of rubbery stuff thats adhered to the floor, and then the carpet is layed over it.
Dont you just love how people dont even read all the thread they just chime in late and restate the obvious.
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