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Hey im cory phillips i live in tacoma wa, I am a technician at Riverside ford and attened The Fotd Asset school in renton. I have a 1990 bronco with 5.8L a 6" superlift and 35" bfg's. I bought in when i was attending uti in arizona. it had a blown transfer case cause the guy was towing his boat from califronia in 4wheel drive. rebuilt that and ive been driving ever scince.

I plan on dovetailing it front and rear right now for full suspension flex. I want to do a solid front axle and 40" mud terrains. I'm going to put a full roll cage in it with 4 pt harness's. 4:56 gears and E-locker in the front

These things are the best 4x4 toy ive ever had. its unstopable. ive been o to my window in water and crawled outof it.

Any feedback would be great and thanks for creating this website!

Fords Rule!
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