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This is pretty simple, but I was bored, so I decided to make a quick technical write up of how to replace a wheel stud on an 8.8.

The stud on mine was stripped, probably the byproduct over the tire shop not finer tightening the lugs before hitting it with the impact gun..

Here is a list of what you'll need...

1 - Dorman AutoGrade - Wheel Stud -Part # 610-260 ($1.99)
5 lb sledge hammer
Impact gun or large breaker bar
4 or 5 thick washers

First chock your front tires. I used my hi-lift to jack up on my rear bumper, then removed all of the lugs and the tire.

my rear brake drum came right off. If yours is stuck, you my need to give it a couple of taps but it will eventually pull right off..

here's the cross threaded stud..actually, the threads are completely gone on the first half inch.

couple of taps with the 5lb sledge and it came right out..

and there it is...

put a bit of grease on the knurled end of the stud so it would slide in easier..

next I got a stack of thick washers and an open ended lug nut, the idea is to use the washers to draw the stud into the shaft..

I cranked down on it with my impact..its a cheap HF model, but it got the job could also use a breaker bar if you don't have an impact.

and there it is, the new stud is in place, ready to put the drum back on..

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Thanks for this write up! I had a stripped lug in the back and got it changed out. I used a large nut instead of the stack of washers, however. It took awhile for the impact to do the work, but eventually got it seated. I'm fairly new to this stuff, but love to learn new things and appreciate folks like you sharing knowledge!
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