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wheelin' in Northern KY...

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So... I live in Hebron, KY (Boone County), and cannot find a legal place to do some minor wheeling at. I figured that I would have to drive farther south, but is there anyone who knows of a great place to wheel that wont take forever to go to?
Thanks in advance...
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There is Cromers ridge at exit 94 off of I-75 on the way down to London. There is a lot of trails. Some river crossings. But if your just stock It will be rough on your rig I went there 1 time with some 32"s and Really didn't wheel much. ANd I messed up my fiberglass step on the passenger side. However thats all going to change within the month. I just took delivery of my 6" lift and 37" tires :thumbup Let me Know if you want to get together some time I am in Berea its in the Center of the state off of I-75. I also know a few others that are here in KY.

thanks nemisis i appriciate it. i might be moving down to louisville at some point to go to UofL.

and i've been thinking of just getting a 2.5" or 4" lift and 33's just for "minor" trails and just to make it have more "presence". i don't have the money to regear so i dont want to run 35's or a 6" lift.

Try Haspin Acres over in Larel, In. it's a decent place to go, about 60 miles from you.
thanks hanson. ill look into it
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