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any one know where i could find a leagle wheeling spot in CT, i live in south eastern CT so if anyone near by knows any spots beside powerlines, id be glad to know where, me and my brother both have broncos and cant find a place thats leagle, so if any one knows anything in state CT thats leagle and fun, lat me know, thanks

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state forests are decent sometimes

im having the same problem finding good places

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Not sure how hard you both want to go? Besides State Forests the only legal public "road" we know of is a seasonal road up in Union. It's closed Nov thru March / April weather dependant. I don't post names or directions.
I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record, but look for and join a club, they get access to stuff the general public can't. I DO NOT want to seem like I'm hawking Eastern here, but as an example we have secured the use of 4 private properties in CT.
Call some clubs, go to meet n greets, most will let you come on a run before you join so you can decide if the club is a good "fit" for what you want to do. Eastern is getting a rep as a hardcore club. We don't want that and are trying to schedule events for stockers.

Hmmm lets see if I can remember some clubs:
Twisted Wheelers
Twisted is a lot of FSB folks

BTW there a lot of Jeep this and jeep that, but most of these clubs are not make/model specific and welcome non jeepers.

Eastern 4 Wheelers The club I run with the most. Apologies, the website is undergoing a MAJOR overhaul, but the pics still work.

Long Island OffRoad

CT Jeep

Hudson Valley 4 Wheelers

Adirondack Jeeps

U Conn Off Road

North East 4 Runners

North East Toyota Terrirory

Underground Jeeps

Those are the clubs I know and run with
Next are just some links I dug up

Freedom Trailriders

Patriot Jeepers

Jon Fund

Baystate Jeepers

Deep Woods Extream

New England 4 Wheelers

New England Jeepz

North East Jeeps Willys

NE Jeeps

Vermont Jeeps

Yankee Toys

Bay state Rover Owners

So you can see, there are a lot of clubs out here. Twenty two by my count. If you are REALLY interested in a lot of organized wheeling, contact me and I'll see if I can put you in touch with the right club for you. (Or con you into joining E4W) ;)
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