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you discard ramsey parts and add warn parts.....
i brag up warn all the time, love the 8274's, and generaly havea distaste for ramsey's and milemarkers.
my trailer winch is an ancient ramsey 8k worm gear winch that was free. put a motor on it since it was junk and used it for a while.
well, i have to go get a truck with a bad motor this week, so i was out charging my trailer battery, and figured i would test my winch, i hooked up the warn remote(wired it the same as my zuki, jeep, and bronco to accept the old 4 pin trailer prong that warn used in the 80's) winched out okay, went to winch in and a fireball shot out of the solinoid pack. then winch no worky....
so what do i do? i take and discard the solinoid pack on it, and mount my spare 8274 solinoid pack that i had in the truck tool box on it and rig it up for temp use. i think i may just leave it like this though since it seems to be mounted fairly good, and i will always still have my spare solinoid pack with me at the trail head. all i need to do to make it right is wire it up to take the 4 prong trailer style remote, since i never reqired my spare solinoid pack.

any ideas for a good cover to stick o nthis winch that would withstand rain, snow and driving? thinking of making a removalbe box to secure over it to keep the water off, but leave the bottom open so it can dry....

pictures to come of my newest project and purcahses when i go get both of them this week. a simple hint. the one will barely fit on my trailer, and the other i will have to winch onto works flatbed tow truck and skid it on the frame since it has no axles.

these have come in handy SO many times now that i am kidna ding perfessional recovery at the one ORV park since alot of guys dotn have tow hooks, and some of these things dont have anything that even resemble a tow point. i know its not supposed to be used like that, but sometimes theres no other choice.
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