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Where to run power wire to battery?

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I have purchased an amp and would like to install it today. This is my first time doing this on any vehicle so I don't know what I am doing. I read that you are supposed to run it through a firebox, but I don't know where that is. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry for the retarded thread, but I asked in the big car audio thread and didn't get a response.
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there should be a rubber gromet under the glove box on the fire wall and you can push it through there or you might have to drill a whole. Just make sure if you drill a hole put a rubber gromet where you drilled or the metal can cut into the wire then you'll have problems.
Yeah, they probably meant firewall instead of firebox. It's the metal wall between the engine & the passengers. Like BroncofrmTX said, you need to protect the wire from being cut by the edges of the hole in the metal. You also need to make sure the hole seals so that fumes from the engine compartment can't enter the cab. And have a properly sized fuse close to the battery to prevent fire from an overload or short.
Fused near the battery is the most important thing here.
Thanks for the responses. The cable I ordered has a fuse on one end. I'll look for the rubber grommet under the glove box first since I don't have any drill bits.
theres an easier grommet to get at by the steering column, just off to the drivers side of it. thats where i ran mine. make sure your fuse isnt more than 18" away from the battery. had a buddy melt down an s10 because he was to stupid to put a fuse in...
Make sure you run your power wire on one side of the vehicle and the signal wires on the other side of the vehicle.


If you do, you will get engine noise in your system.
Put the amp wire on the starter solenoid, NOT the battery.

if your truck has an automatic, you'll have a clutch plate by the steering column, I usually like to drill that to run all my wires through. If you ever wanted to get rid of those wires, you could just get another block off plate out the yard, and you have no holes in the firewall.
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