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I'm getting my exhaust done this week, so hopefully I can start moving on my Holley Sniper install. Better late than never I guess. It's been sitting in my house for a looooong time. The only other thing I need to do, other than the exhaust (for the O2 bung), is drop my gas tank and get to work installing a fuel return line.

Now that I'm a bit more motivated to get things done the weather is starting to fudge with me. Right after I got my rear window fixed it poured rain for a couple days, then snowed a few inches. Yesterday it dropped about 4 inches of snow again, so I'm gonna have to be strategic about getting outside and dropping the tank before I get another good rain storm or snow dropped on me again. It's fortunately been warm/sunny enough to clear the roads off (which is where I work on this thing) within a day after the snow stops.

Anyone have advice on how to drop a tank? I've never dropped one before. I plan on running the tank out as much as I can before dropping it. I'm hoping it's as simple and unhooking the hoses/lines, unbolting it, then lowering it down with a floor jack.

While I wait to get the Bronco back from the exhaust shop I'm gonna work on those fasteners for the Bronco top. I have a super cheap Harbor Freight rotary tool, similar to a Dremel, that I'll put a cutoff wheel on and trim them up.
If you are not replacing or painting the tank, and only are dropping it to work on the fuel delivery/return system, consider cutting an access panel and accessing the fuel module from there.
Here's the write up by Steve83, it should be applicable to your truck, Good Luck
1983 Ford Bronco Bronco Fuel Pump Access Hole pictures, videos, and sounds |
1 - 1 of 1367 Posts