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Hey.... we always nailed our flatheads to trees not posts.

We have more fence posts than trees... especially 100 miles west where they had to make the fence posts out of stone because there were no trees. Plus they stand out more on a hedge post than a full scrubby hedge with groundcover 6ft high!

Forgot a few more...

Guineas are always welcome in the front yard, even when they belong to the neighbors. They are tick munching machines (just like opossums).

Cutest baby contests held on Independence Day. Right after the mud bog.

Every car in town is the same brown color, from dust.

Certain stop signs are only stopped at by out-of-towners

People come to your door asking not about lost dogs, but lost donkeys, pigs, or cows. We've had a pig wander onto our property once.

People dont come to your door on Halloween. Or maybe 2 people :doh0715:

The voting polls host a dinner on polling night, and the place is packed

The gas station has tanks ABOVE ground.

The feed store is only outsized by the school. Or maybe not...

Theres more CB antennas than hondas in the high school parking lot. And right next to the parking lot is a corn field.

The gas station is also the grocery store, deli, bait store, movie rental place, and restaurant.

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