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ate lug
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Vehicle Speed Sensor
Manual Lever Position Sensor
Throttle Position Sensor

VSS is in the diff in 92+ trucks, tcase tailhousing on pre-92
MLPS is on the left side of the tranny where the shift linkage is
TPS is on the throttle body


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Edit: Rep beat me to it, but I'll leave it here anyway. :thumbup

The VSS is the Vehicle Speed Sensor, and is located on the top of the rear differential housing.

The MLPS is the Manual Lever Position Sensor. It is located on the shift linkage on the transmission.

The TPS is the Throttle Position Sensor. It is located on the throttle body.

(just a note: a ten second search on either here or Google would have revealed these exact same results...just for future reference)

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VSS: Vehicle Speed Sensor, located on top of your rear differential.
MLPS: Manual Lever Position Sensor, located on your transmission manual selector lever on the transmission.
TPS: Throttle Position Sensor, located on the bottom of the throttle body.

Learn how to use two things:
1. SEARCH!!! :twak
2. Your Haynes manual.

EDIT: Damn guys, we're good! :beer
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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