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My Bronco has about 40 miles on it since the rebuild and now I have a vibration that I can't track down. I don't have to be moving. It vibrates even in Park and appears to go away around 2000 rpm (1500+/- rpm most noticeable). I have searched and found that it could be the Harmonic Balancer, looks okay, the torque converter, which I may have damaged by draining it and not refilling. I disconnected the powersteering pump to see if it might be the culprit.

I think that I had this vibration with the old engine though not as pronounced. The only item that is the same is the tq converter and tranny. I changed the flex plate to a 300 plate.

The engine seems to be running fantastic. Good power, oil pressure, no knocking or engine noises.

If the noise only happened when it was moving I would think it was a driveline. It has that kind of a feel.

Is this most likely the torque converter or tranny? Or could I have something else going on? If it is the tq converter/tranny will it damage anything else if I continue to drive it?

I can't just run out a new tranny and tq converter as I bought tires yesterday and my wife is still upset with me.

I should have waited until I had drove it a day or two before the tires.

Thanks for any ideas/help
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