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I'm removing everything from my engine bay to paint it properly.
My '94 351W/E40D Bronco has ABS. I know nothing about ABS.
Will I have to worry about it?
Or do I just need to make sure I bench bleed the M/C and brakes after I put everything back together again, with no other concerns?

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On my '96, I replaced the ABS pump about 20 years ago, and since then I've replaced both rear and front brake lines (not at the same time), and never had a problem with bleeding the brakes after those services. I just used the regular bleeding process (Right rear, left rear, right front, left front).
Before removing the brake lines from the ABS pump, I took a rag about 20" long and threaded it around the brake line fittings, saturated it with PB Blaster (or use your favorite) to thoroughly wet the fittings. The rag keeps the fluid in contact with the fittings longer than just spraying them. I did that for a couple of days, respraying them a couple of times, and then I took the fittings off with metric tubing wrenches (two different sizes iirc).
Good luck.

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Yo @CZ Eddie
Conventional bleed is all that is required for service on the new 4WABS including unhooking brake lines from the hydraulic controller (HCU).

However, if the HCU is replaced, a special bleed box and electrical jumper will be required to bleed the replacement HCU. This procedure is not the same as for the passenger car systems....; by Ford

mIesk5 Note, #1 is anti-lock brake electronic control module, aka computer,.

The four-wheel ABS consists of the following components:
  • Anti-lock hydraulic control unit (2C215) located in the front of the engine compartment on the left frame rail.
  • Anti-lock brake electronic control module located in the engine compartment behind the driver's side headlamp on a bracket mounted on the surface of the plastic fender apron.
  • Two front brake anti-lock sensors (2C204) attached to the suspension knuckles. The front brake anti-lock sensor indicators (2C182) are pressed onto the backside of the rotors.
  • Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) (9E731) integrated into the rear axle housing.
  • Acceleration sensor attached to the left frame rail under the driver.
  • Stoplight switch (13480) located at the brake pedal (2455).
  • Main relay (14N089) located in the trailer relay box.
  • Pump motor relay located in the power distribution box.
  • System diode located in the trailer relay box mounted behind the power distribution box with the main relay.
  • Fuses for system power and the pump motor are both located in the power distribution box.
  • Diagnostic Data Link Connector located at the left-hand side of the engine compartment and marked ANTI-LOCK TEST.
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