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Window (doors) stop repair.

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Like a few others my Driver's side window would once in a while refuse to go up once in a while then one day just stopped alltogether. Initially I figured the motor gave up the ghost or maybe after 16 years and a quarter million miles the tourque pins got chewed into oblivion. Turns out I was wrong here's the story:

Started off by removing the door panel which is very well documented around here so we won't go into that, then drilled out the detents for the window motor bolts:

Unbolted the motor from the regulator with a 5/16" socket and two bolts fell into the door, crap. Continued on and got the last bolt out of the motor, then the bolt and socket fell into the door, crap crap. I then pulled off the motor by wiggling it side to side until it popped off and fell into the door. You can only guess what was said again. Fished out the motor and tested it:

Huh? works fine. Then I pulled off the cover and saw the tourque pins were in pristine condition!

Checked to see if everything turns again with the cover off, yep works fine. So I put the cover back on. Ok... I then put the motor back on the regulator and hit the switch, keep in mind while putting the motor back on the regulator I raised the window a bit to get the gears to mesh. As soon as I hit the switch the window started to raise! Whoohoo! *Clunk!* (sting of obscenities) motor fell off the regulator again! So I fish the motor out again then work on getting the bolts out with my pickup tool and see a round thing at the bottom of the door. So I fished it out:

To be continued...
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And we're back...

What is it? looks like a bushing, but what from? I then went inside to figure out where this little bugger came from and on a hunch searched around for a pic of a window regulator. Yep there is a bushing for the stop. I then looked down into the door to verify that was the chunk of plastic I had in my hand:

Yep that's it, After a quick run to the local chain parts store and a browsing of their Help! section I found this wasn't a part that was being re-manufactured yet. But it was close enough to the size of 5/16th fuel hose. So I grabbed a scrap cut it to size and moistened it so it would slip on, hey what do you know fit like a charm:

Since I was in there I decided to go ahead and put some fresh grease on the regulator's wear parts:

I installed the motor save for one bolt that kept falling out of the socket, a little bit of grease on the head fixed that:

And with all that back together time for the test:

Once again back to the world of the working!
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Is it #10 in this diagram by Ford via Steve83?
It would of probably been better to wipe the old grease/dirt out before applying new grease. Still a great write up.
Is it #10 in this diagram by Ford via Steve83?
No that is the roller that resides in the channel under the window itself. Doesn't look like the bushing is ever shown to be a separate or serviceable part.

As for the cleaning thing, I ran out of brake cleaner and didn't want to bother going back to the store again for more. Yea should have been cleaned but it wasn't. I figure I will be back in that door again sometime sooner or later.
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