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well i finally got the bronco drivable after the roll over. took way to long cause i spent 10 months in ak.
but any way i wired up my wipers today and now ive got 1 speed thru all 3 settings on the switch and they wont park. does anyone have a test for the wiper gov.:banghead the wiper gov is 89

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yo B,
Since no one has replied yet; some info;
Your truck has an interval governor, and they don't usually go bad internally. Diagnose the wiring between the governor & motor, and diagnose the motor (the most likely cause of any wiper problem). The Haynes manual wiring diagrams show everything, so pick one up if you don't have it already. PN 36058 w/light blue cover.
by Steve83 in a prev post here.
This should be da same;
Motor & Governor Wiring Diagram in 87-89 & F Series
Source: by miesk5 at ]

If it is da motor; Motor Replacement Discussion
Source: by Sixlitre (Malcolm H, Eddie Bauer) at FSB

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