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Wiper Malfunction/Strange noises from the black box?!

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I'm new to Bronco ownership and to this forum. I have a 1990 E.B. w/5.0L/Auto. I've been going through my new-to-me/used Bronco. I found out the wipers are acting screwy. When I turn them on there's a strange noise coming from under the cover near the switch. It has Intermittent wipes. It's coming from the black box under there. Is this that Wiper Control module that I've read in a couple of post that others have had problems with? Or could it be something else? It only makes noise when I turn the wipers to any on position i.e. Intermit/Low/High. Any thoughts?
Thanks Much! :toothless
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No, the WCM is only used on '92-up. Your truck has an interval governor, and they don't usually go bad internally. Diagnose the wiring between the governor & motor, and diagnose the motor (the most likely cause of any wiper problem). The Haynes manual wiring diagrams show everything, so pick one up if you don't have it already. PN 36058 w/light blue cover.

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Thanks for the Heads up!

Thanks much! I'll checked it out this weekend and post what I find. I just happened to have the Haynes book. I haven't had time to get into it during the week! Raining like heck and I don't have a shop! :banghead I see the diagram your talking about.:thumbup Thanks for the info...much appreciated! Now I know where to start.

Thanks Again! :rockon
I am having a similar problem with mine, but I am sure it is a wiring problem in the steering coloumn(SP?). They work/ don't work when I wiggle the wiper lever forward and backward instead of up and down.:banghead
On '92-96, the most likely problem is the MFS (blinker/hazard/wiper switch). They CAN be disassembled & cleaned, but considering a new aftermarket MFS is like $25, it's not worth fighting.

The wiper contact disc thingy in the motor had some ugly grease in there. I cleaned it with a rag and electrical cleaning spray. I applied some fresh dielectric grease and tried it. It worked flawless in all positions! Yeehaa! At the same time I had to track down some other weird crap that seemed to happen all at the same time I was fixing this. Mostly loose connections and dirty contacts! I'm getting there! :scratchhe I can't believe some of the weird electrical wiring jobs that I found in there by previous owners! Yikes! :duh Thanks again! :twotu:

Im wondering if you bought this Bronco off the same guy I bought my Bronco off of? A wiring nightmare!!!
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