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Would Ya'll Let Me Drive This Camaro?

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Blaze said:
Hell, I'd drive the torino! :thumbup
that Torino is cool but the camaro is ugly I know Mel got better taste than that
That Torino is cool.Got any specs on it.That camaro is nice just not for me.I would keep it in the Ford family.That is just my opinion.
This one had a Buy It Now price of $600, but the reserve was met.
bigdave said:
Hazelton, PA.... I was just there in December. :brownbag
I like the fastback, there used to be a '67ish notchback up around Cambridge, ID back in the mid '80's that would come down out of the woods with 5lbs dirtclods on the roof. It looked pretty tuff. At the time I briefly considered converting my '73 'Cuda to a 4X4......... :toothless
bigdave said:

That thing is frightening!!!! :wacko I hope the guy/gal who drempt that up is now :brownbag 'ing it... ewwwww.... cool concept, but not well put together (the looks of it... ) :twak
It's in Hazelton, maybe he took it to Paragon.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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