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Ok. Here it goes. Something for all you guys to go by...I hope.

I'm assuming that everyone has some experience with working on vehicles. So make sure that you practice proper safety. If you are not mechanically inclined, this isn't a project for you, however, it is not REAL difficult.

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a mechanic. Follow these guidlines at your own risk. Some tools used for parts may be different for you vehicle as each individual vehicle can be unique. In a case where you feel you have a better method, please post that or PM me the info.

I managed to pull off a good amount of the tranny removal without jacking the truck up. However, make sure your wheels are chalked.

Remove the Rear Driveshaft

Remove the 4 driveshaft bolts from the rear axle using a 12mm or 1/2" 12-point socket or wrench.

Remove the 4 driveshaft bolts from transfer case using a 12mm or 1/2" wrench. You will not be able to remove the bolts using a socket. There's isn't enough clearance.

Once the bolts are out, pound the rear driveshaft out. I used my foot to accomplish this, just make sure someone is there to catch it.

Remove the front driveshaft

Remove the front driveshaft.Take the 4 nuts off the t-case yoke and the 4-nuts of the yoke on the front axle side of the front driveshaft. You will probably need a 1/2" wrench. Don't plan on re-using the go ahead and try and beet them out. Once the nuts are off, use a prybar to pry the driveshaft free from the yokes.

In some instances, it may be necessary to cut the u-bolts with a grinder. It is best to cut them so that the "u" part of the bolts falls off. This allows you to pull the rest of the bolts out with vice-grips.

Remove the Starter

Remove the two bolts holding the starter to the bell housing. Be VERY careful not to break these. It will cause many headaches if you do.
Once the bolts are removed, you can leave the wires connected to the starter and set the starter aside, allowing the frame to support it. DO NOT LET IT HANG BY THE WIRES! Otherwise, remove the wires and drop the starter out of the truck.

Remove Gaurd Plates

Remove the splash gaurds on the front of the tranny. This will give you access to the torque converter. Also, remove the black rubber plug on the bottom of the bell housing.

Remove Torque Converter Bolts

There are four nuts holding the t-converter to the flexplate. To access a nut, get a big flat-head screwdriver or a flywheel-grabbing tool, and spin the flywheel until a nut is visible where you once had the gaurd plates. Remove a nut and repeat the process until all nuts have been removed.

Remove Linkages, Wires and Lines

Remove the black plug on the driver's side of the tranny. This is accomplished by sticking a small common screwdriver into the side of the plug housing (there is a rectangular shaped space for it) while pulling the plug upwards.

Pull the shift linkage off (seen in above picture) by using brute force to pop it off.

Remove the linkage and cable from the tranny by pinching the tabs together on the cylindrical cable housing and pulling off.

Remove the grey plug on the passenger's side of the tranny by pushing in the tab, on the side, and pulling the plug upwards.

If you have an electronic t-case, disconnect the plug on the back. Otherwise, disconnect your shift linkage.

On the passenger's side of the tranny are two tranny lines running to your cooler. Disconenct both of those and be prepared to catch alot of fluid. They will drain from the converter.

Remove cross-member bolts

Prepare a floor jack or tranny jack underneath the transmission.

2 center nuts used an 11/16" socked

Remove the x-member bolts. Using an impact gun or breaker bar will make this much easier. 3 bolts on the drivers side used a 11/16" deep well socket.

3 bolts on passenger side used a 15mm socket

BellHousing Bolts

Remove the lower bell housing bolts. There are 3-4 that are easily accessible. Once those are out, lower your jack to tilt the rear of the tranny down. The top housing bolts are now accessible. Once all the bolts are out, remove the dipstick and tube from the passenger's side of the tranny. This just pulls out.


This part gets a bit tricky. A tranny jack is best. However, this can be done with a couple of guys and a floor jack. Once you are sure everything is clear of the tranny and all your tools are out of the way, slide the tranny and jack backwards to seperate the tranny from the back of the engine. Be careful about the torque converter!

Once you have seperated the tranny from the motor and all is clear, lower the tranny to the floor and you are done!


Set your torque converter

I'[m not going to claim how to do this because I usually end up screwing it up somehow. I'll find a detailed procedure and post it. You can't just slap it on and be done!

"Stabbing" the Tranny

With the tranny on a jack and the torque converter in place, roll the tranny under the truck. I REALLY prefer to do this with the t-case unbolted, however, it is doable with it still bolted up.

Jack the tranny up to the desired hight and slide forward. As it approaches, line the torque converter studs up with the holes in the flywheel. Slide the tranny to the engine and put in a few bellhousing bolts.

At this time, ensure the torque converter has mated itself to the flywheel.

Once you are sure it has, install your dipstick and install all bellhousing bolts, starting wtih the top ones. Don't forget that your dipstick is held in place with a bell housing bolt!!!!!

After the top bellhousing bolts have been tightened, lift the rear of the tranny and install the lower bellhousing bolts.

Cross member

Bolt the x-member to the frame and gussets. Bolt the tranny to the x-member.

Torque Converter Bolts

Install all torque converter nuts.

Install starter

Install your starter and all gaurd plates on the front of the tranny.

Plugs linkages and Lines

Reinstall all plugs, linkages, and lines removed earlier.


Install both the front and rear driveshaft. Be careful when installing the front driveshaft that the shaft doesn't fall while strapping in the u-joint. You will pull the cap off the u-joint. Hold the shaft up by hand until both straps have been tightened.

Almost there!

Fill your tranny with fluid CAREFULLY making sure not to overfill it. Reconnect your battery. Lower the vehicle....and off you go!

Not so bad, right?
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