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So I am in search of my first Bronco, and am looking for a few particular options and hoping someone might have just what I am looking for!

I am looking for a 94-96 for the airbag option, and prefer a 1996 just for age. Prefer something with low miles (need reliability) or a rebuilt drive train with low miles.

Prefer XLT with power options, cruise control, etc. Looking for the 5.0L with automatic transmission (would opt for the 5 speed, but after 6 years of driving a ford explorer, I like the laziness involved in an automatic :) ). A straight body is good, but what is especially important to me is the interior! Gotta be in good shape!

Other than that, not terribly picky on color, lift/no lift, sound systems, etc. Would rather not have any lockers since I would be using it on streets as well....

Please PM me with what you might be willing to part with! I am located in Albuquerque, NM, but would be willing to travel/meet or whatever is necessary for the right one. Been searching for quite a while, and can't find something nice!
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