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Hey all,

Looking for a 96 Bronco in blue, green, or maroon, with *tan* interior (no grey or black please, tan only).

Looking for one in solid condition both cosmetically and mechanically; mechanically is more important. I don't mind a few dents and dings or even like needing a new bumper or something, but rust is a no-go.

302 or 351 doesn't matter to me. Either is fine. EB or XLT, doesn't matter. Leather would be nice but not a must.

Not looking for anything jacked up; looking for as close to stock as possible to make an EDD, not into any sort of off roading, mudding, or 4 wheeling with this one. I have junkers for that!

I'm located in Richmond Virginia. If anyone has anything or has a lead on anything like that, please shoot me a PM.

Looking to spend between 5-10k.
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