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I'm looking for 4 used boggers or anything with similar grip. Must be more aggressive than all-terrains, prefer more aggressive than mud-terrains as well.

To trade I have a set of 4 31" BFG T/A with less than 600 miles on them. On 4 factory 15x8s (YES, they are 15x8s! NOT 15x7s).
If interested, I also have 2 235R75/15 street tires that have less than 400 miles on them.

None of the above have been patched or repaired. I bought the two 235s when I first got the truck, then promptly received 4 235s for the same price, so the two original 235s went into the garage where they have been properly stored. A while later I upgraded to the 31" BFGs. A few months after that I got a call and received a set of 33" BFG T/As, so the 31s went into the garage along with the factory wheels.

If anyone is interested in the trade, I can get pics. I have absolutely no interest in shipping tires or wheels, sorry.
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