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Hey guys... workin on doin some stuff to get ready for the spring break run. I need a couple things...

1. Tow hooks. At least 2. Gonna do the "cut the hole in the bumper and attach to the horn" trick for the front.

2. Rims.... long story but the ones I have dont work. They are too wide and the backspacing is not deep enough, so my tires rub pretty bad on the fenders. Looking for an 8-9 inch rim, do not really care what they look like (but some black steelies would be cool!). Need to have some decent backspacing (the ones I have are 5 I believe). I would pay cash or would like to trade the wheels I have (these are actually really nice Eagle Alloys, 15x12, would look great with a 39x14 inch tire on them).

If anyone has hooks or rims... shoot me a pm or post em up.

Thanks guys. See you all April 4th!
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