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WTB WHEELS(A little help needed)

Hey guys how is everyone.I'm leaveing on a trip to N.W.Indiana on Monday and was wondering if anyone has any idea and maybe a # where I can pic up a set of 4 Centerline Wilderness Scouts in 16x8 for my 94 Bronco.I can go north and accross I-80 to chicago or accross I-70 thru KC and SaintLouis ect.
Centerline is out of them right now and said it would be like 3 weeks to build them.The part # is 623 6805 555.I'm in Denver by the way.
I'm going to look stupid driveing this thing with a 6 inch lift and 235 15's for a month if I caint pic them up on the road.HELP!
email at [email protected] or call 720-859-6342 by monday morning at 6am MST

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