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XLT Leather Steering Wheel Re-Wrap ?

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I have a 95 XLT leather wrapped steering wheel thats looking a little long in the tooth. I would like to keep the original look. I was wondering if there was anybody out there that sold a kit for these ? Has anybody run into this or done this before ?
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I just redid my 96 EB with Wheelskins. Depending on how bad shape the current wheel is, you might repair the current cover a bit and then cover over it. I went over mine to make a nice thick wheel. These list for about $50 bucks, but you can find them around the web for about half that. I bought mine through The instructions posted on the site there were excellent, much better than what came in the package. My finished wheel didn't turn out near as good as the website photos, I couldn't get the seems near as tight as the pictures, but I'm not disappointed. Still looks and feels much better than before.
I cut the leather off my steering wheel a couple years ago and put on a Wheelskins cover:

I got the euro tone because it was the closest to the original look with the seams on the top and bottom halves. I ordered the black/black color scheme. I don't remember exactly what size I got but it's easy enough to measure.
I don't remember exactly what size I got but it's easy enough to measure.
I used AX, and as mentioned above the seams weren't tight - suggest if you tear off current cover go with AX, otherwise if you go over it, use AXX.
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