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In the latest FW they're doing a write-up on "Project Firey Red Head" or something stupid like that. It's a '92 F150. They're currently upgrading the electrical 'cause they say one of the things they're gonna install is a large powerful elec compressor.

Now this is typical magazine style, install the most expensive bolt-on part which requires the least amount of labor because that's what most of their reader base wants to see (can you say "Bolt- On TJ?). Anyone ever priced the "big, powerful" Oasis or similar compressors? $300 to $500 for an electric unit which is weaker than the worst engine driven compressors.

Anyway, I'll try not to NEED to sit up, take notice and write a letter to their "Midwest bureau" because I doubt they know your kit exists. Be sure to emphasize it's bolt-on and they just might go for it.

I'm serious dude, if you want your business to grow this could be an opportunity. And if they ignore you oh well.

On a different note they also say they want the truck to be a workhorse which is a capable trail machine and has good highway manners. I can just smell the TTB lift coming, even tho we all know such things are not attainable with TTB. Ah shit, I've gotta stop ranting.........

take a deep breath...................

and I know they're gonna install an FIPK and some aftermarket ignition.....

oh, trying to relax........

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Yep, he should defintaly contact them!

Yep, I can see the worthless ingition box coming
Yep, the TTB will piss KL off to the limit. But we'll hear the rant in a few weeks :beer
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