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hey everyone awesome site i've been checking it out for awhile glad to see there's a place for later model bronco's especially sense i just bought myself another one. every sense a friend of mine turned me into a FORD nut i've had it for bronco's this is my fourth one.

1st one was an 81 bronco with a straight 6, manuel tranny, and np208 t-case. the thing was a beast the only thing i did'nt like was the ttb even though i never gave it a chance. so i bought a beat up 79 that had 10 liscense plates rivited together to hold the floor together. what a heap!!! me being the currious fellow that i am decided to use the 79 chasis and mount my 81 body on top well it worked but situations (2 junk trucks, and a crap load of part's in my friends front yard) led to the demise of my 81.

2nd bronco is my 79 there are no words it's a manufacture's marvel.

3rd is my 87 bronco II this is my toy. i am currently building it up for the washington trail's most places are to tight for the big bronco's.

4th is a 89 i just bought it a couple of week's ago i aight even seen it up close yet. it's stock, and will probably remain close to stock for dependability. hopefully i can get some pic's up on the board when i get back from deployment.

thank's for the board fella's im sure i'll have plenty of question's later.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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