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ok guys and gals, if you rember me talking about smoking my engine in my 91 early last month and possible smoking my trans aswell, and some replied back saying to check the fluid and what is in the bottom of the pan. well i finnaly got around to pulling the pan off after pressure washing the trans and transfer case, made sure i plugged all holes and stayed away from the input shaft and out put shaft. well dropped the pan and only thing i found in side was trans fluid, pulled the magnet off and all it had on was a black sludge tpye stuff, it didnt feel like it was metalic at all. so any ideas as to what the black sludge was of if you think my trans will be ok? i am out of funds for any more repairs after shelling out $649.07 to summit for new injectors,new cam and lifters and complete rebuild kit w/new .030 pistons, and engine shop doing, cleaning of the block,boring out to .030 over, magnafluxing the block,checking main caps and line hone, installing freeze plugs,cambearings and cam all costing $445.09. and i still need to buy case of trans fluid and case of oil, 2 oil filters and coolant, and to think my wife wanted me to get rid of the bronco,:histerica :histerica :histerica :rockon :histerica :histerica

so any one think i will be ok with the e40d still being good? if not i will gladly take donation for a propper rebuild with the upgrades of a kevlar band high volume servo pump and shift kit and extra clutch packs :beer
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