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hi guys have a question and hopping someone can give a answer.
i did search and found a couple things but nothing like what i have.
its a 89 xlt 5.8 and well the motor quit working today. i used the dash switch this morning to roll it down and worked fine but would not go back up,got out and used the key nothing,so i gave it the ol wack and it went up using the key.
once i got to work, again nothing the dash or using the key ? i never opened the gate so i dont think id the latch. i went and got a new motor and still nothing. what could it be ?
i read somthing about running a wire from the battery but to what wire ?
can someone help with out telling me to search more ???
thanks guys

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Sounds like a bad or misaligned tailgate latch switch, even though you didn't open it.

This stuff is cut & paste from an earlier reply, but it covers alot of tailgate window stuff.

Does it make any noise at all? Like the motor's turning, but the window doesn't move? If so there are torque pins that commonly break & aren't too bad to replace.

If it makes no noise, then it's probably in the electrical system. Remove the access panel from inside the tailgate. Run test wires from the battery directly to the window motor connections to confirm that the motor works. I think it's hot to red, & ground to yellow to lower the window. Make all the connections but 1, then connect & disconnect quickly to see if it tries to go the right way. If it tries to turn the wrong way, reverse the wires. If it runs & the window moves, then follow the diagram linked below to test & locate the problem (This also makes it so that you can get the tailgate open to continue testing). If it runs but doesn't move, in addition to your electrical problem, the torque pins in the drive gear are probably broken too. If it doesn't run at all, it sounds like it's time for a new motor.

Some good resource links:

Fireguy50's wiring diagram, see post 2

Steve83's Tailgate Tech. Great pics & info.

adrianspeeder's pics (He's doing torque pins for a passenger window, for the tailgate you don't need to drill).

Torque pins, motors, etc.

Steve83's How to align a Bronco Tailgate

Fireguy50's Re-wire your Tailgate window switch (FINISHED) Upgrade diagram with relays.

Be aware that:
-The ground for the motor connects up front & runs through both switches & both wires.
-Ground for the motor is not connected to it's case, but supplied through the wires.
-There are 2 sources & fuses for positive. 1 for each switch.
-The same 2 wires are used throughout for both up & down (Polarity is reversed by the switches).
-When the tailgate is open, you have to close the driver's side latch for the window to operate. Remember to open it before closing the tailgate.
-The tailgate latch switch seems to be a common problem, check it early.

On my truck there were multiple bad connections, so it was hard to isolate the problem (Someone was very into crimp connectors :doh0715:). Basically I ended up soldering them all & eliminating the corroded plug to the motor.

Good luck, let us know what you find.
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