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I got kinda sick of looking at 5 different colors on my old girl while I’m slowly restoring her. I went ahead and knocked out a DIY paint job in my buddy’s drive way and aside from a few areas we need to touch up I think it turned out great!
1993 XLT 5.8L 351W 33"s 6in drop bracket
Project in decent shape for 28 years and a 17 year old driving it before I got it!!
Business is good
$500 was sittin for 2-3 years n was pretty rough, what you see is what I've accomplished so far stay tuned!
This is the one I’m using for the body shell it’s very low mileage ( 55,000 original miles) from San Diego. Salvage title, the front has been written off, frame is bent , but the body is completely rust free I’m also using the entire engine drive train and suspension from the white one because...
Two 1979 Broncos that I’m making into one good one.
Clean , factory upgrades , 351M Holley Sniper EFI with hyperspark coil,ignition and distributer, a lot of new stuff